Genesis x speedium coupe front end

Genesis X Speedium Coupe is a Glimpse Into the Future

You could tell just by looking around the streets that Genesis has found sustained success in the challenging automotive landscape since first launching to the US market in 2016. In fact, the brand has found sales records every month for the last 16 (in the USA) with vehicles such as the GV70 leading the charge both domestically and abroad.

We’ve had the chance to jump in a few over the years and have always been pleasantly surprised at the levels of luxury on offer for such a reasonable price. But sustained success is only achievable if you keep up with the trends and follow on from the successful launch of the GV60 EV and the incoming USA made and electrified GV70, Genesis is teasing us with what a future EV coupe might look like with the X Speedium Coupe. And it’s a clear winner already in our eyes.

Genesis x speedium coupe rear end

Image: Genesis

Adopting a less is more attitude across the model lineup, electrification is just the next step to success for Genesis who strongly believes the “emotional value of driving will remain strong in the era of electrification.”

Making a careful note to say the pictured X Speedium Coupe is not a conventional concept car – in the way that they typically preview production vehicles – we may never see a vehicle of this shape make production, instead, the lines and figures are there to give fans of the brand a clear idea what design language to expect.

“This car is an open-door moment in Genesis’ journey towards our future EV design… This isn’t a show car – it’s a look into our design processes as we explore ideas for the next wave of EVs, one that incorporates Genesis’ DNA,” said Luc Donckerwolke, Chief Creative Officer of Genesis.

At the front of the vehicle, the Signature Two Lines lamps have evolved into a full-width element that encompasses the shape of the crest around the grille. Daytime running lamps combine both the high beam and low beam light together. Top-down the vehicle exhibits an hourglass shape with bold wheel arches for a particularly sporty look. The side profile features a strong Parabolic Line extending from the front to the rear of the car as often seen on a classic car while there’s a deliberate lack of wedge shape overall. V-shaped taillights juxtapose the elliptical shape of the rear end. It’s a stunning bit of kit.

Will something like this ever make production? We can only hope.

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