No. 8 Cast Iron Skillet Takes Us Back

In a modern kitchen, you may wonder what a No. 8 Cast Iron Skillet might be able to do, but once you cook with one you’ll wonder why you’ve crowded your counters and clogged your cabinets with all those gadgets and gizmos.

cast iron skillet edge view

According to Smithey Ironware Co. founder Isaac Morton, the No. 8 Cast Iron Skillet started out as a quest to fry the perfect egg. That meant putting together a skillet that could maintain heat while also encouraging movement and flipping. It also meant having a smooth interior finish that was naturally non-stick, instead of relying on chemical coatings. What Smithey came up with as an 8-inch skillet that’s not only perfect for eggs, but also any sides, smaller meats, and even grilled sandwiches.

And then there’s the oven. You can use the No. 8 Cast Iron Skillet for delicious baked meals as well, like mac and cheese or a broiled steak.

cast iron handle

The No. 8 Skillet has a 1.6 inch depth and weights about three pounds. It has an extended handle to keep your hands away from the heat, and there are holes on both sides for easy hanging. Once you invest in this little skillet, you’ll soon find yourself clearing out the cupboards and countertops for more of its siblings.

Features: satin-smooth, polished finish
Dimensions: 8″ diameter; 1.6″ depth; 15″ handle to handle
Weight: +- 3 lbs.
Price: $100

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bottom cast iron skillet

back view skillet