Officeworks Releases New Range of Matching Desk Dressings for Your Work Oasis

Whether you’re lucky enough to work in a home office or slog it out at a cubicle in the CBD, most of us spend more time at our desks than we do in our beds. Which is why its bizarre that so many blokes seem to be happy with just a bare plank of wood and a laptop. While simplicity is a tenet of good design in and of itself, it makes for a very messy desk, very quickly.

While desk adornments have traditionally been something that girls in the office nail, while fellas are left to flounder in a maelstrom of loose leaves and mismatched USB sticks, Officeworks may have the solution to change this once and for all.

plywood office desk

The handy stationer / mega-mall for Sharpies has been working on its own range of goods for some time now, and has released its latest offerings, available until April 2019. And though there are several different themes, two stand out for us as particular winners in the way of handsomely masculine stationery and desk organisers that you can curate to your liking, without having to settle for pink paperclips or pastel post-its.

Officeworks’ “Monochrome” collection is (as the name might hint) simply black and silver, with a suggestion of Art Deco design influence, and makes for a bold collection of stuff that might not be as sexy as a 1920s Deusenberg (it is still, after all, stationery), but will smarten up your work space without the hodgepodge of mismatched crap so often endemic to a dude’s desktop.

new range of matching desk

The “Palm” collection too, while much more unisex, would make a light and airy addition to any home office with a view of some greenery (or sand).

Officeworks may elicit memories of dragged feet during sullen back-to-school shopping sprees with mum, but here they’ve set out to make your work space not just a bit more grown up, but a much, much nicer place to conduct your business, and neatly, too.


office desk stationery

for your work oasis table

smart home office desk

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