G Table Concept Explores Minimalism and Function

The G Table Concept on Behance takes minimalistic design and turns it functional. In this case, we’re not using minimalistic lightly. The table is mostly just four legs and a table top. But designer Andrew Berezynsky added in a few surprises. One side of the table consists of three sections that can be removed and are interchangeable. You can create a variety of combinations composed of storage, plant, or tech pods. The storage pod has a magnetic lid to close in your treasures. The plant pod consists of a pot for any favorite plant so that you can personalize your workspace. The tech pod is designed specifically for Apple notebooks and comes with an integrated adapter. The most challenging aspect on the G Table is in its name—it’s a concept, hence its presence on Behance. But hopefully we’ll be able to see this table in the real world soon.

Check it out

g table in room against window

g table with side compartment open

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