Get Shit Done with MiGoals Planners and Journals

Even if you started 2020 on the wrong foot, breaking resolutions or struggling to get back into work, it’s never too late to turn it all around, by organising work, your social life and everything in between.

Melbourne-born brand MiGoals recently dropped a new range of empowering planners, notebooks and diaries for those looking to kick life goals and more immediately, get shit done! – the inspirational words can be found on the cover of select notebooks. These cheeky options are available in A5 and A6. Half to do list, half notebook, they are great no-frills options for straight shooters with their eyes on the prize.

MiGoals planners and diaries

For those who do like frills and possible references to Jay Z classics, the Goal Digger planners are described as the ultimate planning tools. The contents can assist anyone with creating positive habits, which are essentially the foundation for achieving anything. Within, you will find space for short and long-term goal planning, progress trackers, monthly reviews, mind maps, budgeting and more.

When you struggle to keep appointments and prefer a physical reminder to a digital one, go for the classic option and pick up a diary. MiGoals says its 2020 diaries are specially designed to guide you to your goals and develop action plans so that you will actually achieve them. The diaries are also super sleek, available in both soft and hardcover options and a variety of colours.

MiGoals planners and diaries

That’s just a small selection of the MiGoals range which also includes desk planners, focus pads and bucket list holiday journals to plan and document everything you want to get done during time spent overseas.

MiGoals was founded back in 2010 by Aussie entrepreneur Adam Jelic and designer Alec Kach. In 2018, the stationary brand sold over 120,000 pieces across 30 countries with products available in over 200 stores across Australia and New Zealand.

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