Science Meets Under Armour’s Athletic Gear with UA Rush

Sportswear brand Under Armour isn’t one to shy away from innovation. In 1996, they changed the game of athletic gear by developing a revolutionary sweat-wicking fabric and it seems like they might have just done it again.

Dubbed UA Rush, the latest line of athletic gear is a fusion of state-of-the-art technology and performance. Scientifically designed to deliver enhanced performance through the recycling of the body’s energy. In layman’s terms – You can work harder, for longer.

Backed by the likes of Steph Curry and Anthony Joshua, you can be sure that UA Rush is up for the test.

How Does it Work?

Well Under Armour have teamed up with a company called Celliant who procure naturally occurring minerals found in the earth. These minerals are ground down to release their active particles and then melded into, what Under Armour are calling, a proprietary blend. This blend is then infused with Under Armour’s high-performance fabrics and then woven into the gear in UA Rush’s collection.

During your workout, your body emits heat. UA Rush has the ability to absorb this heat converting it into infrared energy that is reemitted back into your body through your skin. This recycled energy increases (and this is where it gets complicated) increases temporary localised circulation, promoting improved performance, energy and recovery.

We hear ya, this sounds like something straight out of The Avengers. Truth is all you need to know is – when worn, UA Rush stimulates increase endurance and strength.

Man of Many Puts it To the Test

Here at Man of Many, we’re probably more desk jockey than professional athletes. But, when Under Armour invited us to put UA Rush to the test we thought it’d be rude not to take the new duds for a spin.

Under Armour went back to basics. As we went through a hole in the wall, we entered into Blackbox. The barebones gym resembled a Russian gulag and was clearly designed with one thing in mind – sweatbox. There was no better place to put UA Rush to the test.

The fellas over at J-Train Athletic were on board to put us through our paces. By the end of our hour and a half session, we were well and truly spent.

The Verdict

Under Armour have been at the top of the athletic apparel game for decades now. So, it comes as no surprise that when they put their name on a new range of gear they’ve made sure it’s ready for anything.

Whether you’re a weekend runner, insta-model, or a CrossFit fiend, the UA Rush range will keep you cool, keep you moving and keep you looking pretty damn fresh at the same time.

The kit is around AUD$60-$120 bones, depending on the piece. This is pretty standard for athletic wear these days, but when you consider the science and results that UA rush delivers it’s our choice – hands down.

Yep, that’s the Man of Many seal of approval.

The UA Rush range is available online or in-store at Rebel Sport or other Under Armour brand houses.

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