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Poolcandy Tube Runner is Like a Bumper Car Built for Summer

Poolcandy’s Tube Runner is a motorised pool tube that features a 3-Blade Propeller for moving you effortlessly through the water. Using the easy to manage controls, you have the freedom of 360-degree movement, reversing and spinning in circles. Cruise along the water or ram into your mates. Either way, you’re going to wish for a bigger body of water.

Measuring in at 48-inches (121cm), the tube is substantial in size, made from heavy-duty PVC that will stand the test of time and whatever carnage you throw its way. There’s a high backrest and a cup holder so be sure to load up with your beverage of choice before zipping away from the edge (not that it’s difficult to return when you’re on a motorised float).

poolcandy tube runner motorised float

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Runner’s 3-blade propeller is powered by a powerful 66-watt motor that activates at the touch of a button. The propeller is fully enclosed behind a protective grille, so there’s no chance of injury for those under the surface.

Assembling the Tube Runner takes just minutes. No tools are required, and it even includes an adapter so you can inflate the tube using a hairdryer. Just be sure to do that away from the water. There’s also a repair kit included for worse case scenarios.

motorised pool float toy

Destroying your friends or family in a bumper car rally is incredibly satisfying; assuming the carnival or fair is in town. With Poolcandy’s Tube Runner, that same sense of satisfaction is transported to the backyard pool or lake for some bumper action whenever the weather is fine.

Or, maybe you want to make your time spent on the water even lazier—by removing all physical activity entirely. You don’t even need to kick or splash away from the edge. Whatever the purpose, it’s unlikely that you’ll stumble across a more functional, action-packed pool float this summer.

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