Medical and pharmaceutical vials

Our vials feature unique product characteristics making them clearly superior to conventional glass bottles. Significant advantages will benefit the medical and pharmaceutical industry as well as the end-users of the products.

The significant reduction of weight and volume compared to glass vials converts into substantially lower costs of storage and distribution. In addition, polyethylene and polypropylene vials will never break or crack, thus eliminating costly loss of content due to accidents and provides a more secure working environment.

With vials in polyethylene and polypropylene the risks of breakage, cracking and problems caused by the resulting glass particles are completely eliminated. Patients, nurses and doctors are protected against harmful products. The COC vials further offer a number of advantages, the most obvious being the total glass-like transparency.

The vials conform to the European Pharmacopoeia and GMP standards. They can be used for a large number of pharmaceutical products because they have insignificant water permeability and the surface is resistant to most liquids.

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